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A collection of testimonials from business owners and individuals who have benefited from using Peter Sleigh as their Business Coach and Personal Coach.

"I have things in place now that have been ages-literally years some of them-on my ‘to do list’..and can categorically say that the coaching with Peter has been very instrumental in bringing that about.

Being more mindful on a day to day basis, making time to explore new career options, sending book proposals off to publishers….Peter’s help in setting clear goals and practical, achievable plans to make them happen, alongside being regularly accountable to him has played a key part in getting these in place, and more besides.

Im delighted to have made such great progress during the period of coaching. Even more so given that it’s been quite a challenging time in my life when it would have been very easy to stay still, or even so backwards! Dedicating time to work out what I want and how I can achieve it in the form of these coaching sessions has paid dividends and Peter’s skills in guiding and encouraging me to make the sessions count has helped me to fast-track my progress and growth to an extent I most certainly wouldn’t have achieved on my own, if at all.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Peter as a coach to others."


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